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Hi there!
I'm Blanca and I'm an stationary addict. Do you relate with me? I have a quite big sticker collection, not as many washi tapes as I'd like and tons of notebooks and notepads. That's why I love making my own, mostly stickers because they are easy, cute and lightweight (weight is an issue living in Europe and shipping mostly to USA) But I also have a couple notepads and now i'm obsessed making stapled notebooks. 

The shipping cost is outrageous but sadly there's nothing I can do! 

My next big "I'd love to make" is washi tape.. I use it a lot but I'm not sure about If that would be something you'd be interested in, what do you think?

tea lover sticker
Uncancellable sticker

I used to print my own scrapbooking paper, I also collected cute letter papers and envelopes and I have too many pen and pencils.

One of my favorite improvements on this year for my shop is the ability of making holographic stuff! Cause you know, stickers + holo = best thing ever!

Do you like shiny things too? just me? 
Well, I hope my collection will grow more, and If you are interested I can try to make a video with it.

Have a lovely day!

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