Hi there!

I have a new video available, a cute watercolor one that I truly hope you like. 

I'm so happy with my new website, I love how is turning out and it has always been a dream to me, to see my art, to make it available to anyone and to have some stationary and products with my illustrations. 

Your support means that I'm making my life dream of becoming a full time artist true.

I hope you liked it! There are many more to come so please don't forget to subscribe ;)
You can also find the original artwork in my shop.

I wish you a wonderful and lovely day.



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Napping mouse. Original watercolor and pencil art Napping mouse. Original watercolor and pencil art 2
Cute little mouse sleeping under a flower original drawing and watercolor. Made with archival and high quality watercolor paints and pencil. Signed in the back. (please let me know if you want it signed in the front) Size: 23x20cm - 9 x 8'' approx
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